David Andrew Laws
David Andrew Laws
Director • Performer • Writer • Mentor • Educator

David Andrew Laws is an NYC-based director, writer, actor, musician, producer, educator, mentor, podcast host, talent manager, and classic overachiever.

Admin roles:

Artistic Director & Co-Founder of
Hamlet Isn’t Dead
Director of Education at
The Vineyard Theatre.

Creative roles:

Macbeth in Off-Broadway’s
Drunk Shakespeare
Host & Creator of
Dress for the Podcast You Want.

In rehearsal for Hamlet Isn’t Dead’s  Troilus & Cressida

In rehearsal for Hamlet Isn’t Dead’s Troilus & Cressida


Current News & Upcoming Events

  • Directed an all-female production of Troilus & Cressida performing at The Center at West Park. Tickets are available here and the show closes September 22nd.

  • Getting married October 5th to the lovely and talented Megan Greener

  • Upcoming performances of Drunk Shakespeare:

    • 9/14 @ 6pm (Drinking)

    • 9/16 @ 7:30pm (Drinking)

    • 9/21 @ 6pm

    • 9/26 @ 7:30pm

    • 9/28 @ 6pm.

      Email dandrewlaws@gmail.com for discounts & comps.